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The lozenges are really good and effective, I can only recommend them. I have long-term experience with them.


I had two sore THROATS in a row and nothing helped, then I got a recommendation for these lozenges and it really helped! Highly recommended-great price, 100% effect :) Thanks


The lozenges helped me a lot with my hoarse voice ... I had an interview for a new job and the lozenges returned my voice. Thanks :-)


Lozenges, the best in the world !!!!!!!

I had problems for 4 months. I chose antibiotics, the problems subsided a bit, but the annoying dry cough did not stop :-( ... I was really desperate when I came across this site. I immediately bought lozenges and after the first, I felt a significant improvement ... the cough subsided and I coughed less often with each other, they are really great, they taste great and they really surprised with their effect :-) ... thank you !!!!


I love these lozenges, they are my salvation! My voice is rougher, my vocal cords wear out very quickly, but they helped me with performances, I tried a lot of other products, but they were definitely the best :) THANK YOU


I recommend everyone to try them, they have really healing effects that put me back on my feet quickly. Thank you


The lozenges are great after using them. in just two days .... I forget that my throat was hurting ... they are really GREAT: D thank you: D

I'm from Kysuce, I am in my early 60's. All my life I have had airway problems and especially throat pain. As soon as I drink something cold or sparkling, or if it Is dry weather, I immediately catch a cold and a sore throat.  

I listen to LUMEN radio regularly and in one of its shows I learned about the very good healing effect of "lozenges". Out of curiosity, I bought one pack and started using them. To my great pleasure, the positive effects came almost immediately! I have been using them for more than a year and I can say that they have helped me a lot. Today, I don't have any problems or cold weather, and I can drink cold or fizzy drinks at any time. Since I am satisfied with them, I also advise the people around me to enjoy them. At home, everyone uses them: adults, my little grandchildren and they help everyone. My adult daughter got a little sick and immediately lost her voice and her tonsils were rotting. She immediately used them and since then she has had no problems with her throat after taking lozenges. With these good effects, I give them to the people around me. 

Thank you, Mr. Kurbel, for offering this "gold" to us who we no longer knew how to do! We thank you!!!!

In addition to the onset of throat pain, they are also great with painful inflammation. just numb one, my throat is numb and I can eat painlessly. besides, I have a problem with eczema on my lips. I disinfect the lozenges and when I have it very bad I just suck and kiss my lips and help sometimes !!

Super candies. Good for when the throat begins to scratch, or when you have mucus, they help a lot. Greetings from the Czech Republic.


Lozenges, pretty good for sore throat.


Thank you, they are good for the beginning sore throats.

The lozenges have helped us many times with sore throats, loss of voice and clearing of the airways. 

Even if we took them as soon as the first symptoms of the disease appeared, it did not develop further and the problems disappeared. 

And we are also looking forward to the fact that this medicine is purely natural :) 

We thank you.


Lozenges it's eternal eating pills.

I recommend the lozenges due to the fact that my throat ached terribly and the store drugs did not help at all. The pharmacy offered me these lozenges. Well, you don't have to try it. But for me was the right decision . I love them


I received the lozenges as a gift from my mother, I often have problems with cavities, aphthae on the tongue and a sore throat. I tried sage teas but they didn't helped me until I tried these lozenges and I was extremely happy with them.


I learned about the lozenges from Radio Lumen. Since I had a problem with my vocal cords, the doctor told me that it was a fungal disease and the treatment lasted more than a month, I started using them. Last winter I only had a cold once, for which I have also seen an increase in endurance in my immunity because whenever I felt that I had symptoms with mold, I used lozenges. I take care of my grandmother, who doesn't hear well, so sometimes I put a lot of strain on my vocal cords. The lozenges help me and I also feel like they are moistening the mucous membrane. Thank you.

Great that I discovered a webpage where I can praise something. People know how to complain, but they take praise for granted. These lozenges have been on the market for a long time, we are a whole family very happy with them, only from the beginning I had a problem finding them in pharmacies. Today, I already know exactly where to buy them and they must not be missing in our household. Anyone who feels that it is not OK will immediately reach for these throat lozenges and the problem is solved. Thank you for a great product, I recommend it to everyone!

We have been receiving these lozenges from our employer for several years. I must admit that at first, I looked at them with a great deal of mistrust. I didn't even want to use them. But once I didn't have any medication at home and my throat ached a lot, I reached for them. To my great surprise, they immediately took over. Today I also use them preventively, so my immunity has increased. I will not allow lozenges and I recommend them to everyone.

As I have a teaching education and have been a teacher for many years, this was reflected in my vocal cords. I have often lost my voice lately. After I received samples of golden lozenges in the pharmacy and tried them, I buy them regularly and I am very satisfied. My vocal cord problems are gone. I no longer even hoped that I would ever be able to lecture without any problems and for a long time. But the fact is that even after a full-day lecture, I'm fine. Thanks to that little "golden miracle."

For many years I had a problem with carbonated drinks. I couldn't drink anything that was cold or bubble. After using the Golden Lozenges for a long time, I found that my condition had improved so much that I normally drink carbonated drinks today. If it happens that he starts scratching my throat after drinking, I'll take a lozenge right away and he's in trouble. It's a nice head in the summer. Thank you to the manufacturer and importer.


I received samples of lozenges at the pharmacy free of charge. I tried them right away. I had a strong sore throat. On the advice of a pharmacist, I let them dissolve freely in my mouth. After about the second or third lozenge, my throat stopped hurting. In addition to being pleasant herbal flavors, they also refreshed my breath. I'll test if they break through the plum brandy.


Thank you for the lozenge samples. Since I have been working in kindergarten for about 15 years, my vocal cords suffer and I also suffer from frequent angina. Because I had already tried somewhere, I did not trust them at first. The lozenges very surprised me, both in terms of pleasant taste and especially in effect. Thank you

They are really very nice ladies when I had a sore throat after a few days of coming a thank you


Really good, the effect came very quickly. I used them for sore throats and the relief came after using two lozenges. I recommended it to a few friends and they also love them.

Lozenges Excellent :-) Excellent :-) Excellent :-)

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